Invisalign (Clearstep, Simplify, Originator, Essix are all types of aligners).

Clear Aligners Systems all consist of a series of clear plastic aligners worn over the teeth. These types of aligners are almost invisible. They can be used for patients who are self conscious about the appearance of conventional braces.They are useful for when very simple tooth movements are required, although the technology is constantly changing.

Invisalign and the other aligners are not suitable for everyone! Classically, a series of impressions are taken to create a customised appliance which is worn for two weeks before a new aligner is fitted. These different aligners must be worn very well so that the next aligner can move the teeth into the next position so that each aligner achieves the desired corrective tooth movement necessary. Perhaps in time, Invisalign will become more useful to more patients. After visiting us we would be in a position to assess (after a consultation) as to whether you would be suitable for this type of appliance. Fortunately, your specialist Orthodontist would be in a position to change appliances if you ran into difficulties with these. The Orthodontists in this practice are certified Invisalign users and would be happy to advise you if Invisalign is suitable for you.