Fixed Orthodontic appliances are commonly referred to as “train-track” type braces and are the main stay of many an Orthodontic treatment plan at the present time.

They are an excellent way to create a good and pleasing outcome for our patients who wish to enhance and improve their smile. Fixed appliances can be made of stainless steel, gold, ceramic and occasional plastic materials. These braces are attached to each individual tooth & joined together with fine metal wires. The bracket which is attached to each tooth is used with specific features to each specific tooth. The braces are often placed on patients upper and/or lower teeth. Upper & lower appliances may be placed on the same day but are sometimes fitted in conjunction with a removable appliance (mainly in children).

Each Orthodontic treatment carried out by Dr. Kavanagh is individually based. Fixed appliances being used for either you or your child would be discussed at the initial consultation.