Comprehensive Orthodontic treatment can be carried out with or without extractions.

dental8Many Orthodontic treatments are carried out on a non-extraction basis. That means all of their teeth can be accommodated even when on a casual look or observation the patient would appear to need dental extractions. This is often facilitated or made easier by starting treatment when patients are younger but it is certainly aided by patients having good oral hygiene and well maintained teeth. Many patients are now surprised to hear that they can be treated on a non-extraction basis.

All patients who attend Kavanagh & Crean Orthodontics require a full orthodontic assessment so that patients can be best advised, the practice has been operating now for forty years so it is important for us that our work is carried out to a very high level and as a result we are happy to stand over our work . All of our Orthodontists are owners in the practice and accordingly they are always interested in the long term outcomes of all of our patients.

Different Orthodontic techniques other than train-track type fixed appliances are often used to reduce the need for dental extractions; these may be functional Orthodontic appliances, some of which are fixed in the mouth and some of which are removable. Most of these treatments are more easily carried out in an adolescent or pre-adolescent patient. Many adult patients, who comprise about 30% of all our patients, do not require dental extractions, but of course some may. When dental extractions are carried out they are often carried out by the patients own General Dentist. Most extractions nowadays are routine and it would be uncommon to have any problems after extractions.